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Revitalize Your Finances: Expert Loan Refinancing Solutions in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley

Discover the potential of refinancing your loan with Wine Country Financial Services, where we specialize in crafting personalised refinancing solutions for residents of Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

Our service is designed to align with your financial goals, whether you’re looking to reduce your monthly payments, shorten your loan term, or tap into your home equity.

Should You Refinance Your Loan?

There are many reasons to consider a refinance of your loan. And there is definitely a sweet spot as to how often you should turn over your loan to another lender, so be careful not to do it either too often or not enough.

Here are some examples of when and why you should consider refinancing:

A Better Loan Product

Customers with income that exceeds their outgoings could consider a product change to an Offset mortgage, which allows your surplus funds to reduce the interest you pay for your loan.

Conversely, if you already have an Offset mortgage but are struggling to make ends meet, a product change to a Basic mortgage may be beneficial as they typically have a lower interest rate AND fee structure than an Offset mortgage.

Other product considerations include: Fixed rates for when you need certainty of your repayment, Interest Only repayments when you are converting your current home to an investment property, or even split loans if the time comes that you need to segregate your funding into portions respective to differing purposes of use.

Different Loan Policy Niches

Sometimes a solution is more important than the lending terms the solution is based upon.

Imagine you become newly self-employed and need a cash boost – some lenders would consider that high-risk and may decline your request for additional funding. We have lenders on our panel that will take a more flexible view of those circumstances so you can solve your cash flow issue at hand, and it may take a slightly higher interest rate to do so.

By the time you are trading on your increased liquidity and making money hand over fist, you will have long forgotten a premium on your interest rate to get there.

A better Interest Rate

In challenging times, your interest rate matters, as the right deal can put some breathing space back into your budget with a lower repayment. And even when things are going smoothly, your opportunity to do even more with your disposable income can be furthered by a reduction in your interest rate.

Chasing every last 0.10% or even 0.05% reduction is not the name of the game, and we are motivated to keep you with your current lender if they are comparable to market rates. Why? Because even just the fee structure of changing your mortgage to another lender is enough to undo the negligible benefit of such a small reduction in your rate.

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Adjust Your Loan Term

If you take some advice from a financial planner that you should reduce your non-deductible debt (such as a home loan) as soon as possible, a loan term reduction is a great way to make sure it happens.

On the flipside, if times are tough and you’ve been paying your mortgage for a few years without getting anywhere, you could refinance your remaining balance and extend out your loan term back to 30 years to reduce your repayments.

It can be argued that you would be duplicating a lot of interest – and that is correct – but if faced with a choice of selling your home or refinancing your loan, the latter is often most palatable.

There are many other considerations when it comes to refinancing, and the best way to find the perfect deal for you is to get in touch with us.

Our seamless processes and unbiased advice will make it easier for you to make the switch than ever before.

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