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Did you know that you could buy an investment property within 90 days, without leveraging your home or saving for a deposit?

If you’ve ever felt discouraged at a barbeque, listening to your friends talk about their investment properties when you don’t have one – guess what? You don’t need to miss out any longer – there is a way to buy one or more investment properties within your superannuation.

We have partnered with a network of local professional service partners to assist in every step of the journey to help you take advantage of investing in property within a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF).

We will come to you and show you how easy it is to buy an investment property with your superannuation – No Costs, No Hidden Fees

Many investors, and those they are advised by, take the view that property is a stout long-term investment. So what are you waiting for?

Our Most Commonly Asked Questions


This sounds to good to be true. Is it a scam?


No, there is an abundance of information all over the internet about how people can use their superannuation to generate returns. 

However, everyone’s situation is different. That’s where our expert team of professional consultants comes in to provide guidance and determine if this will work for you.

How much super do I need?


This is a great question, and the answer can be quite subjective. In theory, you could begin this process with as little as $100,000 in your current super fund.

No matter how much you have currently, our advisory panel will help you structure your SMSF so that you can buy property and, if you wish, diversify your investments in other asset classes, too.

Can I use my super to invest in property?


Yes, One of the key benefits of SMSFs is the ability to invest in property of your choosing, but there are certain criteria set out by the ATO and the banks. Our expert consultants will talk you through all the details.

How much does this process cost?


Great news – any costs incurred to set up and manage your SMSF are borne by the SMSF.

Once you are all set up, your fund pays for the services required to maintain it – you do not have to put your hand in your pocket individually.

Initial set-up costs are around $5,000, and from there, your cost per year is often cheaper than most of the conventional super funds in the market.

Why should I use my super to invest in property


Using your super to invest in property allows you to take advantage of finance options and tax benefits to capitalise on an investment you would not otherwise have access to through conventional super funds.

How does an SMSF differ from other super funds?


Unlike public super funds that have to cater for millions of people, an SMSF is a private fund where the members are also the trustees, giving them full control over the fund’s investment decisions.

Is a SMSF difficult to manage?


By definition, this is a self-managed entity, so you will have complete discretion over where your super is utilised. This can be daunting for some and exciting for others.

The good news is that our advisory panel can assist with your strategy and provide any tools you may need to invest as you desire, whether that means buying property, day trading on the stock market, or any other permissible investment activity.

Can I borrow money in my SMSF?


SMSF Finance allows you to borrow money under limited recourse borrowing arrangements, but there are some rules that apply.

What are the investment options for an SMSF?


One of the key benefits of an SMSF is the ability to invest in a property of your own choosing. But you can also diversify your portfolio through shares and other legal investment vehicles. Our expert consultants will help forge the right strategy for you in compliance with all regulations.

What about my life insurance?


Our advisory panel have access to a full suite of insurance products that we can marry up with your SMSF to ensure you remain protected.

In fact, undertaking the SMSF process provides an ideal opportunity to optimise your insurance coverage so that it better reflects the position of wealth you project to be in with your new SMSF.

How Can I Leverage SMSF Lending?

There are many ways to unleash the power of SMSF lending.

For most people, it is a purchase of a property in a high-yield rental market to maximise your returns and tax strategy.

But there are bespoke opportunities, such as a business owner fed up with renting a premises from someone else – they can leverage their personal super to BUY a premises for their own business to trade from and lease it back from their SMSF.

Still paying rent, but at the same time, building wealth.

Did You Know SMSFs Also Have Tax Benefits?

SMSFs also provide greater flexibility around tax strategy

Whilst many components of taxation in super are mirrored across large funds and SMSFs, such as the standard 15% contribution and income taxes, large super funds housing thousands or even millions of members need to cater to the masses, which leaves a compromise on the table.

Our advice panel will look to take full advantage of all tax-saving opportunities because your SMSF caters only for you. You no longer need to disadvantage yourself with a diluted tax strategy in a large fund.

Did You Know Your Superannuation May Not Be Enough For Retirement?

There is a good reason the super guarantee payable by your employer has been transitioning from 9% in 2013 to 12% in 2027 – many feel it is not enough.

An SMSF is a great way to take control of your nest egg and position yourself for the retirement you deserve.

In fact, based on research published by superguide.com.au in May 2023, 1.1 million Australians were members of an SMSF.

That’s less than 5% of Australia’s population, but those same 5% account for more than 25% of all superannuation investment.

Evidently, SMSFs are the preferred retirement pathway for those wanting more than retail funds can offer.

SMSF Finance Easier Than Ever

Through various legal and lender changes over the last few years, it is getting easier to obtain SMSF lending at interest rates that challenge conventional investment loans.

We all know that saving a deposit is getting harder, and even if you own your home, equity is limited or non-existent. All of which limits your ability to invest in property personally. 

Your superannuation balance could be your answer to kick-start your investment portfolio.

Lenders are increasingly simplifying policy, which is helping to demystify SMSF lending in the eyes of the cautious observer.

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